What is septic system rejuvenation?

Rejuvenation is the process of bringing your tile bed back to life. In the same way a surgeon utilizes a stent to regain blood flow to the heart and bring a patient back to good health, we revitalize your tile bed by restoring the flow to its veins.

What is the septic system rejuvenation process?

After evaluating the system to determine viability of treatment, with minimal excavation we expose and reveal the tile bed header where high pressure water is used to flush the tile system and remove multiple years of the buildup under vacuum pressure. The buildup we remove can cause your tile bed to fail or operate ineffectively. After this one day process is completed we backfill to grade and treat the system with a proprietary formula of injectable enzymes and bacteria that will breakdown bio-mat buildup that prevents proper percolation in the system in order to regain flow capacity.

What septic systems need rejuvenation?

Typically a septic system lasts 25 years when installed and maintained properly. Across our region here in Northeast Ohio, many septic systems are older installations. We find more systems are failing because of general aging and lack of care. Rotted baffles allow scum to enter the system, lack of pumping and cleaning over the years causes excessive solid buildup that creates an unbalanced system. The rejuvenation cleaning process is a viable alternative to replacement or repair of the entire septic system.

We encourage you to speak to a Specialist at Speedie Sewer & Septic Cleaning to do a complete evaluation to determine if your system is a candidate for this process.

More information on Septic System Remediation and Recovery:

Over time a septic system can accumulate bio-solids, garbage, waste, grease and other pollutants in the drain-field. This can happen through misuse of the system or other environmental factors.

“My septic system is broken. It’s not working, what can I do?”

Repairing an ineffective septic system is something we are passionate about. We first inspect the various components of the system to diagnose any potential equipment problems.

Previous to availability of advance bio-remediation technology, most owners had no choice but to replace the entire drain field. But today homeowners are fortunate enough to have alternatives. With the careful use of these advanced microbiological solutions we are able to restore aging septic systems by breaking down and dissolving the solids found in a clogged drain field.