Always Have the Septic System Inspected Before Buying or Selling a Home

Don’t wait until it’s TOO late.

If you are working with a reputable Realtor or Lawyer they will recommend that when purchasing a home with a septic system that the system be pumped out and fully inspected as a condition of the Offer to Purchase.

Having the home’s septic system inspected on sale is a critically important practice. Speedie Sewer & Septic Cleaning has provided homebuyers with confidence with and in depth evaluation of the overall condition of the system. This evaluation is not a guarantee but it is like a “report card” on the overall health of the system.

With repair and replacement costs that can be as high as $30,000 you don’t want to miss the opportunity to assure yourself that the system will function in a reasonable manor and not expose your family to financial or environmental harm.

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