What is a septic tank?

They are the primary treatment of household waste water. They allow for the separation of liquid and solid waste while beginning the biological treatment of the waste by aerobic and anaerobic digestion.

Why should i pump my septic system’s tank?

Because they will accumulate solids such as sludge, grease, and now non-biodegradable waste which must be removed to prolong the life of your septic system.

How often do i need to clean my septic tank?

Many variables account for and determine the frequency at which household will need to clean the septic such as; number of occupants, lifestyle, cooking habits, etc. The national standard is 3 – 5 years.

My septic smells bad. What wrong with it?

The absence of aerobic digestion and the abundance of harmful bacteria.

I am selling my home. Do I need to have my septic system checked?

It is currently required in the state that before a title transfers that a certified and registered inspector evaluates the household septic system to determine it is not a public nuisance .

Are there other names for a septic system?
  • Waster water system.
  • Cess Pool
Are there any products i can use to make septic system work better?

There are products that can help mask odors or add bacteria to the system but none have proven to prolong the systems life as well as routine cleaning out of the tank.

What can be done to improve or repair a septic system that is not functioning properly?

Closely watch over what is being processed through the household sewer system. Reduce grease, reduce use of garbage disposal. Do not flush non-biodegradable items. Do not clean paint brushes in sinks. Reduce use of bleach and other harmful products.