2 Common Questions about your Septic Tank

August 19, 2015

2 Common Questions about your Septic Tank: Speedie Sewer & Septic Tank Cleaning(330) 878-5423

With new regulations regarding septic tank maintenance, people have some common questions regarding septic tank maintenance. Many of our local counties and towns are enacting new regulations regarding septic tank cleaning and regular inspections to avoid contaminating groundwater. If you’re unsure of your local requirements then give Speedie Sewer & Septic Tank Cleaning a call,and they can guide you (330) 878-5423. These requirements are changing and becoming more restrictive on the homeowner every year.

Here are two very common questions regarding septic tanks.

How often does my septic tank need to be cleaned?

The general answer is 1-3 years. Most home owners should have their septic tank cleaned every two years.This kind of steady, regular maintenance will help keep you trouble free. If you’re unsure of the size of the septic tank you have, then contact Speedie Sewer & Septic Cleaning and get it inspected to be sure.

Why should I bother having my septic tank pumped?

Simply put, the nasty things that go into a toilet or down a drain aren’t meant to be seen by human eyes ever again. Your septic tank will also contain food, grease, and cleaners that don’t become more appealing as they sit in your septic tank over time. Some of this waste matter accumulates at the bottom of the tank or gets stuck floating near the top, lessening the capacity of your septic tank and increasing your water bill.

If you don’t have your septic tank pumped, then you can be sure that all of those waste items will eventually be making a return visit to your home or yard. The septic tank does have a limit, and trust the good people at Speedie, you will eventually find out what it is.

Play it safe and have Speedie pump the sludgy matter out of your septic tank and haul it away and dispose of it for you.You don’t want a septic zombie apocalypse in your home or front yard! Call(330) 878-5423.

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